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The r-hub log

Build artifacts

If you looked at the R-hub notifications in the past two weeks, you might have noticed that at the bottom of the email there is a new link called “artifacts”. This link points to a temporary web space, that contains the build artifacts of your R package:

Fixing various bugs

rhub package rewrite

I reorganized the rhub package, and created R6 classes to hold information about the checks. Much cleaner now. Functions check(), check_for_cran() list_my_checks(), list_package_check(),e etc. all return rhub_check objects.

Small usability fixes

Typically small fixes, that improve user experience.

News, big and small

Biggish changes

Nice emails.

The email sending happens on the front-end app now, Jenkins only sends a signal that the build is done. This gives us much more flexibility in formatting the emails.

This week's admin bits, ticking off the TODO list

Build time limits

It is ten minutes without output currently. The time limit plugin does not allow me to set an additional hard limit as well…

New Jenkins install to manage the builds

I need a new Jenkins installation, because the current one has an annoying encoding bug. Even though the locale is set to UTF-8 and the log files are stored in UTF-8 internally, the log file is converted to another encoding when served over the web.

TODO list for this and next week
  1. ✔ Fix up the rhub R package, make it public.
  2. ✔ Provide proper sanitizer output from the SAN image
  3. ✔ More Windows versions: R-devel, R-release, R-patched.
  4. ✔ Create a proper Windows builder image
  5. ✔ Nice output in emails
  6. ✔ Build time limit
  7. ✔ Passing arguments to the build command, e.g. --valgrind
  8. ✔ Think about sysreqs on Windows
  9. ✔ Think about caching binaries for Linux
More admin tasks and dealing with Azure

Sensu plugins on clients

OK, for the Sensu addition yesterday it turns out that two Sensu
plugins are also needed on clients:

Some regular admin tasks to start the day

Yuuuhooooo! Working on r-hub again!

Nice(r) output at the R command line

After fixing the streaming from the windows builds, I worked on making the output nicer in the rhub R package (not yet public) as well. Not finished yet, but already much-much better. Sneak peek: